Selfie pictures of a photographer was made the focus of photographs showing the awesome wilderness surrounding him. The smallness of the selfie and the vast wilderness that surrounds it emphasized the insignificance of man compared to the awesomeness of his natural environment.
Paul Zizka, a Canada-based professional photographer who specializes in taking pictures of nature, made his selfie in silhouette as the central figure in his latest photography adventure. While millions around the world enjoyed a few minutes of their “selfie” being viewed by their friends on social media, Mr. Zizka has immortalized himself in his artwork.

Man imoortalizes selfies in photographs.

In his photograph entitled “Communion”, Paul’s silhouette is shown at the center of the photo, standing at Lake Minerva with the water up to his waist while in “Twilight Encounter”, he stands surrounded by the wilderness of the Bow Lake of Banff National Park.
Mr. Zizka has been inspired by the night beauty of his home region, which he started to capture using his cameras. He added the human element by including himself in all the photographs that he has taken.
“I discovered the enticing beauty of the night during trips taken to mountains. Usually, we would start early, while it was still dark, and I felt overwhelmed by the beauty of the night environment, where everything is seen as silhouettes. When I started taking photographs, I realized including a human figure amidst the awesome scene will make my photographs more meaningful to the viewers and they will be able to connect with my artwork,” Mr. Zizka revealed when asked how he was able to arrive at his unique concept.Mr. Paul Zizka's selfie shows how insignificant man is compared to his awesome environment.
Mr. Zizka’s photographs displays the ethereal beauty of the Canadian Rockies, especially that of Kootenay National Park and Banff National Park.
Aside from capturing the beauty of nature, Mr. Zizka has been known for his photos of sports events, panoramas, geology, and black and white photos.
Compared to all other selfies, Mr. Zizka’s photos are expected to have the most long-lasting and most relevant impact.



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