Life is worthless without music. Music helps us to escape from reality or much way better, help us to see clearly how things work. The video above is a teaser of a soon to be film entitled “Landfill Harmonic”. There are group of young people in Cateura, Paraguay who play musical instruments such as violin and cello. What’s even way cooler is, those instruments they’ve been playing are from a large landfill.

Ada Maribel Rios Bordados plays violin made of oil can that are shaped to form the body of the violin, wood for the neck, fork to hold the string and other metal that can be found in the landfill. The recycled materials being used are not too far from a new violin as it sounds the same, way better since it’s like putting useless things into life. It’s unexplainable feeling to hear kids from the landfill playing recycled instruments.

Those recycled musical instruments are now being played by Recycled Orchestra. They send back beautiful music from our trash, reminding us that don’t just throw things even people. Those kids and their music are windows into nature, such an inspiration.


Landfill Harmonic- The world sends us garbage… We send back music. from Landfill Harmonic on Vimeo.

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