However, dumb one may be, we humans are extremely smart when it comes to running away from our work. Arguably, it’s not our fault, it’s in the common human psyche on pinning our work to someone else and more importantly not taking the responsibility of anything that is very apparent.

Massive Blizzard Hits New England

This winters were extremely heavy and there was huge snow gathered all across various parts of the globe. However, there was a very common observation made wherein people were not ready to shovel even the sidewalks of their residence. Some people were giving excuses that they did not own the apartment and it was landlord’s responsibility for shoveling the walk. One of the lamest excuses that we keep on our safer side to run away from work. Well, why to wait for your landlord when you yourself walk on the sidewalks. And ultimately if we ask ourselves, who is going to suffer the most by not doing so? It’s a pretty simple answer!

Some were found giving excuses that the store doesn’t open by 11 in the morning. Do we say this to ourselves when we own a store and just people churn out is less numbers as you have not shoveled your walkway to your store. Absolutely not! So it’s better we don’t make any lame excuses or play the blame-game with other and rather shovel our own walkways.

We humans are left with no option when we need to clean the pet shit in our home or living areas. Without any kind of argument or being self-explanatory we do the needful job. Don’t worry this is not shit, its just snow!

So without any hesitation go ahead and shovel the roads. Make yourself feel you are the responsible citizens of your country.

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