A shy and meek 9 year old little girl took the center stage and delivered a chilling performance that the audience would surely never forget.  Her feat definitely sent chills over my spines and goose bumps that I will carry all throughout my life.

The show, Holland’s Got Talent, became a vehicle for little Amira Willinghagen to showcase her mesmerizing talent.  At the beginning of the show, before she was about to perform, she was a bit apprehensive and shy, but when she began to sing, it was just amazing!  All her anxiety and hesitation washed out as she quietly went on stage and began to confidently sing an opera piece.  It was indeed unbelievable for her age to sing such a compelling and attention-grabbing opera song.  Even though we cannot actually understand the language of her song, she was able to connect to audience of different nationalities and effectively deliver unbelievable emotion that the song calls for.  She was also able to hit the high and right notes which resulted to a hearty applause from the audience as well as a standing ovation from the judges.   She was eventually given a golden ticket which permitted her to continue with the next round of the competition.

The original video posted on Youtube last 2013 already garnered a grand total of 18.4 million views as of the moment.  The name of the song was O Mio Babbino Caro or Oh My Beloved Fathe .  As the last to audition on the first round of Holland’s Got Talent was definitely no easy task to fulfill especially for a young and shy girl.  It was indeed a lot of pressure for her to handle but obviously she was able to handle it with ease.

Watch for yourself and be blown away by the voice of this little angel and be lost for words!

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