FactsAboutNelsonMandela120813The world knows Mandela and remembers him as usual. But there are some issues that people won’t talk about. Here these are Mandela darned the Iraq War and American imperialism even though he has the problem of properly thinking and sagacity. United States of America has dedicated unspeakable carnages in the world. The most fundamental element of human right Solvency, is the caring need of the common people. Mandela respected this right and called freedom from the poverty. Mendela did not like war and terror.


He appraised the tagging of persons as terrorists without due course. Mandela raised his voice and called out racism in the United States of America. He praised the struggle of prejudices of racist discrimination and economic parity. Mandela has a annoyance in most of the American communities. And the only cause was to refuse to condemn Cuban dictator Fidel Castro as well as the Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Mandela comprised some of America’s largest political foes. Mandela loves the labor much. He thought and paid attention on them. He contacted the Detroit auto workers union at the time of his exploring the U.S., immediately claiming kinship with them. He supported much on them. His support was die-hard.


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