These two sneaky Border Collies are just freakishly cute! Watch the video clip to see a synchronized walk of two collies as they sneak and tip toe behind another collie before all of the collies in the yard start to run all over the place!

The video posted by asheepdogdiary in Youtube has already received around 700,000 views.  That is an amazing feat already for just a minute long video about a clip of some dogs walk!  Asheepdogdiary made a note at the end and stressed that no slow motion effect was used in the making of the film.  The video clip at first showed one Border Collie slowly and carefully tip-toeing behind another Border Collie.  When it somehow noticed the weird antics of its friend, the two Collies decided to conspire and play around with another Collie friend.  As the two mischievous Border Collies sneaks cautiously behind another victim, their potential victim unfortunately noticed them and begun to run wild.  These happenings somehow startled the other two Border Collies who were just chilling by the side and joined in the madness and run off wild as well.  We believe the five Border Collies were just bored after there were no more sheep to work on with.  The video used the fun and Scottish sounding instrumental music entitled “Shetland” which was just fitting enough for the childlike and fun antics of the Collies.

Border Collies are known as a working and herding dogs raised in the English-Scotish area.  They are really helpful in herding livestocks particularly sheeps because they are smart and obedient.  They are actually listed as the most intelligent dog according to the Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs.    These dogs are not only smart but also very energetic, athletic and competitive.  They usually join and compete in dog sports and most often win it.

After watching this, you might want to get one yourself!

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