When winter comes, it knocks at the door with wind, cold, rain and snow. Among them snow means struggle on the roads, streets, getting late wherever you go, mud for some people but for others it is the white blanket of nature covering earth. When you wake up you feel your body is cold under sheets and try to get out of bed rubbing your sleepy eyes. You look out the window stretching out and see that snow-white sea lying on your neighborhood. Snow had hit your city when you were sleeping. Streets, cars, trees, everything and everywhere were enveloped by pure white snow resembling wedding dress. For children this scene is a hope for snow day at school, a trouble on the way to the for job olders.

But for some this is the moment they have been waiting for a long time. Snow creates great opportunities for photographers. It has the ability to turn a ordinary place into an attractive scene for those who are interested in photography. Therefore as flakes begin to fall, it is time to grab camera and get out of cozy home for wonderful shots. Here are the some of these wonderful snowflakes.


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