United States of America have lost many Sons, Daughters, Fathers, Mothers, Friends and Neighbors in last few years. Soldiers who were posted in Afghanistan sacrificed their life for the Mother Land. War is the message of destruction and exactly that has happened with America. Many young soldiers who were yet to see their life, made the ultimate sacrifice.

War is arguably the worst possible way to handle a situation. It does not only kill the opposition but it destroys your budding youth too. Eugene Michael Aguon, 23 when left his home, had many dreams in his eyes. The dreams have turned into ashes now buried somewhere with blood and pain in Afghanistan. Ember Marie Alt was just 21 and left the world before even seeing it. Kenneth Clifford Alvarez, 23, Barrett Lyle Austin, 20, Jeffrey Christopher Baker, 29, George Allen Bannar Jr, 37 they all had promises to be keep but alas!

America is going through one of the most deadliest and ugliest battle and they have done quite well in Afghanistan. But what they have lost is much more larger than the gain. The young soldiers who were passionate to serve the nation did not even think once before sacrificing their life. What America stands today is purely based on the martyrdom of these soldiers. Soldiers like Patrick Howard Quinn, 26, Matthew R Rodriguez, 19, Ray Anthony Ramirez, 20, Mariano Martin Raymundo, 21 might be unknown to the world but they are the real heroes of United States.

The contribution and sacrifice of the young blood can never be repaid to them. They were the rarest selfless people and all United States can do for them is to remember them and their heroics in foreign land. People should never forget their pain and courage to stand up again to fight to save the prestige of their mother land until they died.


It is never enough to facilitate their heroics and patriotism but one should not leave an opportunity to do so.

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