The biological son of the NFL superstar Adrian Peterson is in life support after a brutal assault. The child has suffered severe injuries in his brain and still in critical condition.

The 2 year toddler was living with his mother. On the fateful afternoon the man who was dating his mother brutally beat him and assaulted him for unknown reasons. The assault was so devastating that child became unresponsive.

The emergency responders had rushed to the spot at around 5:46 PM in the evening only to find the assaulted kid in an unresponsive state. The emergency services rushed him to the hospital. Adrian Peterson came to know about the incident and also joined his deceased son in the hospital.


Joseph Patterson who has been charged under the aggravated felony assault and battery of an infant was arrested immediately by the police. The 27 years old was then produced in the court under the specific charges. It is found that he has some previous domestic violence cases registered against him in the past. The court showed no leniency in the case and has determined a bond of $750000 for him.

According to reports Adrian Peterson is still in the hospital with his son and remained unavailable for the comment. However his father has confirmed the development and asked for prayer for the tragic incident.


It first came in the media as the Adrian Peterson Jr. has been attacked but later the rumor was rejected. It was found that the kid is actually the biological son of the NFL star and Adrian Peterson had confirmed that prior to the unfortunate event.

The latest reports have suggested that the toddler is still in life support and no improvement has been recorded. Interestingly the child’s mother has intended to take him off the support and has wished to donate the organs. Close sources have referred the news as the acceptance of a brutal and bitter truth..

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