A special episode of the famous British television show, Only Fools and Horses, is set to air in celebration of the birthday Del Boy’s birthday.  Only Fools and Horses has not produced a new show and this would be the very first time that it will return to viewers televisions screens after a decade.


Only Fools and Horses is a certified TV classic.  It ran and was able to survive a total of seven series from the year 1981 until 2003.  The last episode of the show which was aired on the middle week of December was a Christmas special entitled Sleepless in Peckham.  It was even regularly voted as Britain’s best sitcom.


According to the Suns report, the much awaited show which stars South London natives, Del Boy and Rodney Trotter, carry out sketchy transactions is expected to come back with a special.  A new script is already in progress with locations secretly inspected.  The show’s adorable and fun-loving duo, David Johnson who is already 73 years old and Nicholas Lyndhurst who is in his early 50’s, are bound to reprise their roles.  Together with their old and equally crazy friends, Trigger, Boycie, Denzil and Mickey Pearce, they will once more set the show on fire.


One of the funniest sketches they did was a 1996 episode wherein the duo dressed up as the famous crime fighters of Gotham City, Batman and Robin.  They were supposedly to attend a fancy costume party only to discover that it was a wake after all.  They were really dumbfounded and their reaction was priceless.


John Sullivan, the Only Fools and Horses writer, was believed to have created the latest episode’s storyline before his unfortunate death in 2001.  After his death, Sullivan’s son, Dan and Jim, took the initiative to take over the continuation of the whole script.


The Only Fools and Horses special and short sketch will be featured in Sport Relief from Comic Relief this year as confirmed by the BBC.  In addition, the show will feature Del Boy Trotter, as played by David Jason in honor of his 65th birthday celebration.

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