Radioactive gigantism is probably the most discussed topic in California now. The second animal which is reportedly suffering from this disease was washed ashore in the Santa Monica, California.

The 160 feet large squid animal was discovered by the residents at the beach. Scientists have made the preliminary research on the squid and have found some interesting details. The squid was homed at the water near the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear plant. The disaster of 2011 might have caused the radioactive gigantism, scientists have reported. They further observed that the leaking of radioactive material in 2011 in Japan in to the water was powerful enough for the genetic mutation and the creature might be one of the victims.


The study has revealed that the failure of growth regulators in the body may result in unnatural cell division. The consequence of it can be giant body. However it is not confirmed that radioactive materials are the reason for the irregular body size. But scientists have assumed that radioactive gigantism to be the most likely reason.

The authorities have briefed up the security in and around the place concerning the security and over crowed. The tourists and locals have also been restricted to visit the place. Admiral Sandy Duncan Roberts has showed intentions about the Yellow Alert along the shoreline instead of the existing Blue Alert. That means the residents near the beach have to be more cautious than being mere watchful.

The deceased creature from  is still on the shores and might be taken for research later to discover more about the proposed radioactive gigantism. Interestingly, few days back an Oar fish of 100 feet was discovered at the same place which was also believed to be from the same water. The giant water creatures have started drifting towards the US continental and if the primary prediction and researches are true then people of California may see many more such fascinating and abnormal creatures.

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