The fabled Irish-born theatrical Peter O’Toole has been died at the age of eighty one. Peter O’Toole was the Lawrence of Arabia. He was the magnetic performer also. He attained direct fame as Lawrence of Arabia and was chosen 8 periods for an Academy Award. Really it is a great sad news for all that he had died. This message had been come from one of his manager on Sunday. At the list time of his pass away his age was 81. O’Toole passed away on Saturday later a long disease sufferings. All the news about his had been come from the servant Steve Kenis. O’Toole’s daughter Kate told that her father was a great man. She loved her father very much. She can not bear the hardship of his father’s passing away. Their whole family is now in a bad circumstances. She also expressed that her father was a great source of affection for her. And now this field will remain totally empty for her.


The memorable moments of his father with her is totally enjoyable. She can not forget the sweet memory. He in his life follow some certain rules. Among them he believed that if anyone does not feel interest in any work or anything then he or she should not do that work. He also does not do the work in which he did not find pleasure. O’Toole instigated his acting vocation as one of the extreme thrilling young aptitudes on the British stage.  International fame originated in David Lean’s “Lawrence of Arabia.” With only rare slight movie parts late him, O’Toole was unidentified to most moviegoers when they chief saw him as T.E. Lawrence, the mythological British World War I fighter and academic who led an Arab revolt in contradiction of the Turks. We are really sad at his dead.


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