Stay-at-home Dad tells how he felt about being left at home to take over his wife’s chores. The decision was made after an analysis of the family situation and it seemed letting his wife continue work while he stayed at home to baby sit will be financially beneficial for the family.

Stay-at-home Dad relates experiences in humorous way

Chris Illuminati, a writer of a column, turned stay-at-home Dad decided to stop going to his office to stay with his newborn baby. It was with the intention of continuing to write even if he was at home only to find out that being a stay-at-home dad was not as easy as writing.

To remind his wife the rigors of fatherhood he was experiencing, he wrote notes and posted them on the walls of the room. These posts are said everything about the hardship of taking care of a child. However, they are written with great humor and foresight that when they posted the notes in his blog site, readers enjoyed reading them.

While some stay-at-home moms have proven that they can still earn an income using the internet, Chris did the same. Traffic in his blog site increased and his posts to his wife were so funny that it was able to attract a good number of readers who followed his blogs since then.

To Chris, the arrangement was the most ideal with him earning while at home and with his wife being able to keep her day time job. The couple was the best example how the internet can help couples attain their financial goals easily without giving up their careers.

Currently, Chris Illuminati’s blog site is growing as fast as his infant. Couples who have to consider similar kind of arrangement found comfort in knowing that this had been done by Chris and his wife and yet, they lead a happy family life.


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