Dreaming is one of the mysteries in the world. It’s hard to study human or animal brain and know how it works. You can only see the reality of someone who is sleeping and maybe you’ve wished to watch just like watching a movie when someone is dreaming. The video above shows that not only human can have a bad dream but also animals.

The cute fragile kitten in the video is having a nightmare. The kitten keeps on waving his hands and looks like asking for help or playing in his dream. But what’s totally touching is the mother cat instinctively pulls the kitten closer to her and embrace her kitten to stop the kitten’s nightmare.

Nightmares can be extremely annoying, causing fear that can lead to physical tiredness and mental stress. It’s important to understand the cause of your nightmares. It may be too much eating before you go to bed, actually that’s one of the main reasons why people are having a nightmare. Still, prevention is better than cure. Eating an hour early before going to bed is an effective prevention. But if someone is having a nightmare, try how the mother cat stop the nightmare of her kitten. Maybe pulling someone near you and letting them feel it’s okay because he’s just having a bad dream may wake someone up or change the scene in his dream. Sometimes slapping on the face is way more effective to wake someone up. It truly depends on the scenario.

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