car car2 car14 Student cars at the American University of Dubai - 16 Dec 2013 car4 car5 car6 car7 car8 car9 car10 car11 car12 car13

Whom do you think these cars belong to? To Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerburg? Or mb the owners of these cars have invented something really outstanding and important to the universe? NO! These cars belong to students. Yes, just students, undergraduates. The students of the American University of Dubai. And this explains much.The secret of their success is that their fathers are extremely rich and can make so big presents for their kids.   The parking lot of this university is filled in by such expensive cars. Students don’t have place to park if they are late for the lessons. The prices of these cars vary from $30 000 to $150 000. But what is wierd and very unusual: these students go to classes, they study hard and never skip lessons in order to go to a bar nearby and drink some alcohol. Some students even get Bill Clinton’s scholarship and study for free.
The University was invented in 1995. It is private. The head of the Univiersity is Dr. Lance E. de Masi. It is divided into several schools: school of art, design, architecture, business administration and engineering. Such famous people as Bill Clinton, Christianne Amanpour, Steve Forbes and many others made visited this establishment and made speeches for its students at the graduation ceremonies.
Note: the pictures were made by Meeka Nasser

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