Recent studies have conveyed that baby wipes used for children contains chemicals which result into scaly, itchy and red rashes which are often mistaken and associated with some serious skin problems like eczema, impetigo and psoriasis. However, it has been found that there is nothing serious about the matter and it is an allergic reaction that is causing the rashes to appear. A professor of pediatrics and dermatology at University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Dr Mary Wu Chang, said that over the past two years, she had seen six such children with some mysterious rashes.


Dr Chang recently published her study in medical journal Pediatrics which shows that these itchy rashes are caused due to chemicals in the moist wipes. She first diagnosed a 8-yearold child who had got rashes on her face and buttocks. Dr Chang at first treated the child by giving steroids and antibiotics but over the period of time the rashes used to appear again. After proper investigation of the fact, the doctor came to know that the cause to such rashes could be a allergic reaction caused by the chemicals in wipes.

Dr Chang found out that a Belgian study performed on a patient reacted abruptly to methylisothiazolinone- a chemical found in lotions, hand-creams and baby wipes. Moreover, recently the use of such chemical concentration is found to be more. Hence it is advisable that one should not make over use of moist wipes.

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After a proper allergy test, the girl’s rashes had disappeared completely. The doctors told NBC that parents should limit the use of such moist wipes. She further stated ‘I have three kids, so I know how hard it is to do the changes, especially when you’re traveling. But maybe when you’re at home, it would be better to use a gentle cleanser and water. That way you minimize exposure.’

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