Author, Alli Reed, conducted a social experiment and ended having a lot of stuff discovered from the worst online dating profile ever.

Alli Reed has grown accustomed to the internet world ever since her childhood. She even resorted to OkCupid, one of the major dating sites for about five years already just for fun. During the whole period, she got to meet a variety of personality from total weirdoes, guys that seem to be exploding of testosterone to dudes who plainly just want to hook up. From what Alli Reed encountered, she somehow observed that a lot of men on the site would basically communicate any woman they meet on the site regardless of their personality and attitude. But Reed wants to prove her thoughts about men wrong, that there is still a limit and that there is still a bunch of men who won’t settle to just anything that comes their way.

So Alli Reed set up the worst online dating profile to prove this. She did this by making the profile so awful that no man, she thought, would message her. But she failed.

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She made the profile details so obnoxious and even named the account aaroncartefan which may send bad signals already to potential guys. She made sure that she maintained the persona of a spoiled, mean, stupid and racist brat who only wants money so that level-headed dudes would back-off. The seductive and pretty photo posted on the profile was from Reed’s friend which was posted with her permission.

In the span of 24 hours, Reed received a total of 150 messages! She replied to these men thinking perhaps these men didn’t read her profile and pushed her initial plan to turn off these men with her vile personality with the following tactics in mind:

1. Be unforgivably awful.
But it was all in vain.

2. Tell them indirectly that you’ll ruin their life.
And for the second time, she failed.

3. Utter nonsense.
To her dismay, she was unsuccessful once more.

Although the results yield distressing conclusion, Reed is still optimistic about the whole thing. She left a few advises to men like:
• Be brave
• Don’t settle for less
• Be happy with yourself
• Find someone who will make your great life even better

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