The other day, I came-across some old newspapers and sifted through them when I found this particular ad from the backside of Buffalo News from Saturday, February 16, 1991. Appearing in-front of me was a huge advertisement of Radio Shack. I was awe-struck when I first peered over it. Swarming on that page were around 15 electronic gadgets of that era, out of which, 13 of those things you carry with yourself,  in your pocket, all the time now, as your cell-phone.

Here are the items that I have swapped with my iPhone now:

All-Weather Stereo $11.88
Well, I’d prefer an otterbox with my iPhone.

AM/FM Clock Radio $13.88
Do I need them after an iPhone?

In-Ear Stereo Phones $7.88
Got them with my iPhone!

Micro-Thin Calculator $4.88
Come on, now! Every phone got it.

Tandy-1000 TL/3 $1599
Used for gaming and word-processing? I don’t need it. I’ve got my iPhone!

VHS-Camcorder $799
With such a phone, who would need a VHS camcorder anymore?

Mobile-Cellular Telephone $199
Isn’t it obvious?

Mobile-CB $49.95
Are you kidding me? iPhone, dude!

20-Memory Speed-dial phone $29.95
Replaced by my phone.

Deluxe Portable CD Player $159.95
Have gone extinct. Credits? My phone.

10-Channel Desktop Scanner $99.95
Scanner app, iPhone, remember?

Easiest-to-use Phone-answerer $49.95
iPhone voicemail, does it click?

Handheld Tape-Recorder $29.95
Voice Memo App is the word.

However, you will still want to buy a radar detector or a 3-way Speaker With a Massive 15″ Woofer. But hey! when was the last time you really felt an urgency of using a radar detector? And by the way, you can always use some app and plug your phone into some awesome speakers.
Look at how you would have spent $3054.82 in 1991 to do all those things that are now reachable in your pocket i.e. your phone – a tiny piece made-up of plastic, glass and microprocessors.

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