Recently, Target customers are the one suffering from major credit card meltdown.  Authorities declared that Target shoppers are under credit card attack as Target’s payment machines were somehow unfortunately breached and hacked.  Nearly all Target stores in the United States were targeted by the operation and around 40 million credit as well as debit cards was probably affected by the data breach.

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The attack at the internal system of Target happened just as the holiday shopping season just commenced.  Target is very famous in the United States as the “to go” store for general merchandise and thus there are definitely a lot of shoppers and in addition to that, there are several chains of Target stores all over the United States thus it was an easy target for professional tech hackers.

The Target Corporation further informed that customers who made their purchases with the use of their cards at their respective stores between the dates of November 27 and December 15 were most probably affected.  They were a great chance that their personal information such as names, debit and credit card account numbers, and card expiration dates were stolen.  They could have even retrieved the data regarding the three digit security code which is inputted at the back of their cards.

As soon as Target found out about the breach in their system, they immediately reported this to authorities as well as financial institutions.  Target’s management has already cooperated along with a third-part forensics firm to probe into the matter further.  The Minneapolis company assured its customers that they are doing their very best to provide solution to the problem and guaranteed them that their personal and financial data are secure.

Target advised their customers to double check their financial statements carefully.  If ever there are any discrepancies with their data and they suspect that there is unauthorized purchase with their respective cards, Target recommended that they should inform their specific credit card companies and call Target at 866-852-8680.

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