A teenager hacked at his private parts and severed off his penis. This was after stabbing his mother. The boy is believed to have been high from taking mephedrone, a drug that was legal but got banned in 2010.


The boy was found hanging out of a bedroom window with blood gushing from his groin. He has been described as a usually bright teenager. He started experimenting with drugs by the time he returned to his family home over the break from university. A source close to the family said that it looked like he had taken mephedrone and then flipped out leading to the attack on his mother and then on himself.

The terrified mother called emergency services to their West Sussex family home. Both the mother and her son are now in stable condition in hospital. It is thought that surgeons at the University College London hospital attached the boy’s penis back.

Emergency: Surgeons at University College Hospital in London are thought to have re-attached the teenager's penis
Emergency: Surgeons at University College Hospital in London are thought to have re-attached the teenager’s penis.

The boy, aged 19, used a knife to cut off his private parts. The mother was treated at the Royal Sussex County hospital in Brighton and is doing well in her recovery. Investigations are underway about the attack on the woman and police say that they are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

The drug, commonly called M-Cat or meow meow, was illegalized in 2010. It was a favorite party drug until the ban. It is now a class B drug in the U.K and is illegal to sell or possess. It is believed that at least one person dies every week after taking the drug. The drug has a chemical composition that is close to the Khat of east Africa.

The drug mephedrone
The drug mephedrone

Mephedrone was loved for its replacement value since clubbers saw it as a legal and readily available replacement for MDMA, the ingredient of ecstasy tablets. The drug has effects similar to a combination of cocaine, MDMA and amphetamine. Its effect is short-lived euphoria. It can additionally cause anxiety and paranoia.

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