A 21 year old Australian girl was texting behind the wheel as she hit a cyclist.  Her shocking statement was, as quoted, “I, like, just don’t care!”.

Kimberly Davis slammed a poor, innocent bicyclist while she was texting a few months ago, but instead of being sorry for the accident, she was in fact enraged over her victim for he caused a dent in her precious car.  The nerve of this girl!

The cyclist was extremely injured and suffered a fracture in the spine.  The victim had to stay in the hospital for a total of three months to fully recover from his injury.  However, according to the reports by The Standards, Davis did not care at all.  She told the responding police two days after the crash that she just did not care since she already had been to a lot of bullshit already and her “car” was really expensive and it was troublesome for her to fix it.   She added that she was “kind of pissed off” over the matter that the cyclist hit the side of her vehicle and firmly stated that she was not on her phone when the collision occurred.  On the side note, the police reported that she indeed was using her phone while driving a whooping 44 times before hitting down the clueless cyclist.  Davis managed to contact the emergency respondents.  However, instead of immediately helping her victim, she refused to take action and as a matter of fact, parked a considerable distance of 300 feet away from the crime scene.








Kimberly Davis from Port Fairy pleaded guilty to the crime of dangerous driving.  As punishment, she had to pay $4,500 as a fine.  In addition to that, her license was confiscated and it was suspended for about nine months.

The victim’s wife was disappointed over the fact that Davis’ license was not suspended longer than the given duration.  She testified that there was a possibility that her husband could be paraplegic while undergoing a spinal surgery.



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