A new research has been proved that now a days many kids are sufferings about their imaginary friends. Who are these imaginary friends? Fathers and mothers are now very much worry about their kids. They even remain in tension about the issues. Some parents have met their kids with doctors and then the doctors asked the parents that they should ask about the imaginary friends from their kids. Once a mother asked his kid about his imaginary friends. Then the kid explained that when he enter in to his parents he saw a person in the bed room in every time. Not only in his lonely time but also in his together time. Then his mother again asked his about his imaginary friend that how the person looks like. The kid answered that there was no face of the person.

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Another one whose age was only three named Saiky she had an imaginary friend called Kelly. She very often talk with her and played with her. When she slept then the friend Kelly will seat beside her in a rocking chair. The girl remains very upset with her friend. One day her mother asked the girl about her imaginary friend. Then the girl replied that Kelly was the very familiar dead person of her village. The mother was very much surprised to head the name of the dead person. The main question is that the Kelly had been died many years ago but how is it possible to him to come here. A boy toms told to his mom that when he stayed at his room an imaginary friend comes to him and play with him. The person tells him very bad stories that when he will be adult then he will have to work and his work will be to kill people. The boy told that he do not want to kill people then the ghost told him that there is not another choose to take another job. He must have to kill people.

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