Kids are the most honest creatures in the world. People always like the kids most. The things which is done by the kids are always fresh minded and honesty. They are very sweet and dear to all. Their creations are also very funny and interesting. They love to smile and cry. But they are very very philosophical in their mind. Generally we can not understand their philosophy. We take them and their creations as fun. We will see some notes of the kids from which we can understand their will. In some of their notes and pictures we will see that they do not fear about to dreaming as a big one. Some of the art we will found that kids feel very glad to think and do what they want. They want to look themselves.

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They want to talk freely and loudly and want to be and remain happy all the time. They want to live honestly. They want to provide thanksgivings. Their thanksgivings is the real thanksgiving in the real we can see. They want to accept everyone in his house and door. There is no conservation in their mind. They want to enhance their outlook and their little knowledge. They always think that they are right and everything is wrong in around him or her. They like to feel everything of the world is belonged to him. So he or she want to deserve all the beauty around the house as well as the world.They are always to ready to gather new knowledge and experience from the day to day life. They like to comment in everywhere. They have the knowledge to judge the people around him. As a result we can see that sometimes baby does not want to go to the certain classes of people.
We have compiled the 28 Funniest Notes written by kids.

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