The 2013 is about to at its end. Many things have been happened in this year. Many have spent the time with a great surprise and pleasure and many of them have spent the time with very difficulties and hardship. I am talking about the normal human life. But what about the virtual life. Always remember that virtual life is the mirror of the practical life. What is impossible in practical life people always want to do that in the virtual life. It does not mean that do not want to do that. They always want to do that but in practical life they are unable to do that because of the social values. But now a days the virtual life is becoming more and more free and frank that’s why people are becoming shameless as well as thoughtless. Here are The Dumbest Things That Happened In 2013

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Today I will talk about the virtual dummy events that have been happened during the year 2013. Now a days the social media is increasing day by day and the people all over the country is entering in to the social media and sharing the feelings of each of others. But the feelings may not always good thing. The majority is bad things. Sometimes there found some status which is can not be expressed in the words but as you see that there are hundreds of comments and likes in that post. This kind of activity is breaking the social value. So how can I called the media as a social media. Bun in real the problem is not in the social media the problem is in the people. People are polluting the social media by sharing their ugly thoughts towards the public. Now there is no shame in male and female in the virtual live. They are sharing everything they want to share in their mind. As like the visual images and the videos have started a new dimension of dummy things.

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