Famous people have their own reasons to do things; why you think that Jay-Z and Beyoncé named their daughter “Blue Ivy”? Why Whitney Houston died so early? What was the need of Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show? It is not that simple. Reasons of all these questions can be summed up into two words, “The Illuminati”.

A Guide to The Illuminati for believers:

The Illuminati is a group which has control over every aspect of life. Religion, culture, government, finance and other bigger issues, they have power over all.

You won’t know who is in the Illuminati because they keep their memberships secret but many intellectuals agree that people who are playing key roles in our societies belong to this group. Some people who are known to be in it are:
•    Barack Obama
•    the Pope
•    Queen Elizabeth II
•    George W. Bush
•    Rihanna
•    Bob Dylan
•    George Soros
•    Ben Bernanke
•    Jay-Z
•    Kanye West
•    Willow Smith
•    Beyoncé
•    Lady Gaga
•    Jim Carrey

What the Illuminati do?

They simply meddle in major world affairs to build what they want, without letting others know.

What is the Illuminati end goal?

The Illuminati is working to establish a “New World Order”, means one-world government.

What will happen when they establish ‘New World Order’?

Well, answers vary for this question. Some say the top agenda is to enforce homosexuality, some say they will hold all the money of the world; but some master intellectuals say that they are doing this all to welcome “The Antichrist”.

The Antichrist?

Indeed, The Illuminati is a group of Satanists.

Then why is The Pope is in The Illuminati?

It may confuse you but yes he is a Satanist like the Queen of England. For you to know more Catholic church is actually the extension of Babylonian paganism.

How can we tell if anyone is in the Illuminati?

Usually, one can tell easily because anyone who is in The Illuminati shows their connection. Like in you can see the Eye and Goat and any of the unusual things that has Illuminati symbol.

Why the Illuminati are showing off their selves when we know they are seeking world domination?

Yes, that is a good question; do you know about Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show? Everyone sees it and it was a ritual, not just any ritual but a Satantic ritual. The colors used were red and black. The male dancers in the show formed pyramid, which is a Masonic symbol and she was wearing a helmet with a horn. Show was set up within 48 hours of the full moon.Above all the whole show ended with these two words, “World Peace”; yes, the “New World Order Peace.” And LMFAO was also the part of this show.

You must be thinking now, why to perform the ritual in that much big platform?

This was for assassination of Whitney Houston.

So, why they needed to eliminate Whitney?

Because they require to make a room for Blue Ivy Carter and to celebrate Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth.

Why do you think that Jay-Z and Beyoncé named their daughter Blue Ivy?

Yes, it is because of the Illuminati connection.

Who else was killed by them?

Well the list has names like Heath Ledger, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, J.F.K., 2Pac.

A Guide to The Illuminati for non-believers:

The Illuminati was founded in 1776 by the Germans, who are freethinkers, Enlightenment academics and humanists. It was shut down after a decade by Bavarian authorities.

And that is ‘The End’ for the people who don’t believe in The Illuminati.

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