The janitor made a rat maze using a shovel during winter. He really wants to help his colleagues to walk around the campus well that’s a lie, it’s actually he’s revenge. When it’s winter, people are using shovel to make way for them to walk and it’s funny because people are unaware at first about how their path goes. The thing is, the snow is not even that high for you to use a shovel. But still, some people walk on the janitor’s maze and look how they react and do about it.



What else you can do when this season is actually working. You’re not just going to turn yourself in Anna mode and sing “Do you want to build a snowman?” or turn yourself into Elsa so you can build an iced castle. You can also try to play hockey with your friends or be adventurous and do skateboarding. You can be as creative as the janitor try to do what he did. It’s cool and funny. If you’re a house person whenever it’s winter, you can just tell scary stories with your friends or make a coffee party.

Winter makes most of us lazy because of its falling blizzard and cold weather. It is such a perfect weather to sleep and stay at home. Admit it, you don’t even want to take a bath for a week. Please we all do that. Anyway, it’s still the best season of the year to make and have fun.


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