We have different mission and vision to achieve in life. In order for you to achieve something you desire may it be material thing or growth, you have to be prepare yourself to the path you’ll be going to. Success is a lifelong process. You always motivate yourself every day. Here are the lists you have to do in order for you to be a successful person.

  • You have to take the knock on your door. 

You don’t wake up every day to open the door that gives you a half-million dollar. So if there comes a time, it’s in front of your door. Grab it!

  • Wake up early

It’s so hard to wake up early in the morning. But it’s a good chance for you to catch all the good things. Your day will be longer, resulting that you can do more than any other ordinary day.

  • Give more

You have to excel and do more than others do to you. You have to give your 100% in every project you have on your table.

  • You have to care more to others than taking care of yourself

When you’re working, you’re not just working for your own good but for others; your boss, your teammates, your clients, your customer etc. You have to think about them when taking your step forward.

  • You have to fight

Fight for what you want, fight for what is right and fight for what is good.

  • Don’t play safe

Always take a risk! Playing safe is too uncomfortable. You need to feel unsure and insecure for you to grow.

  • You have to be the leader of yourself

It means discipline. It means you need to motivate yourself to be the leader of your own.

  • Invest in yourself

Expect nothing from no one and be willing to work for everything.

  • Be Curious

When you’re curious, you start to ask questions. When you ask questions, you learn.

  • Detailed Oriented

Be keen to details, don’t shrug them off! You will need that!

  • Always come up with a result

Excuse is not an option. Always try to give something to someone.

  • Search for your own explanations even you are told to accept the fact

Thinking beyond your limit is a good way to explore. It’s not just about accepting the fact but knowing why you have to accept the fact.

  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Nobody is perfect. You have to make mistakes because you need to be hurt, you need to feel pain. Why? Because pain let’s you learn the hard way.

  • You have to try and fail million times

Well, literally don’t count it. It’s not about how many times you fail but it’s about how many times you try and stand again.

  • You have to run even if you’re out of breathe 

It’s not about killing yourself literally but it’s about knowing your hidden power.

  • You have to be kind to people especially to those who are unkind to you

It’s not about being fake but learning to accept that everybody has its bad sides.

  • Meet the unreasonable deadlines

It leads back to going beyond your limit. It’s not just about for your boss but for your own good.

  • Be accountable especially when things go wrong

It’s so hard to be responsible when things don’t go along with you but once you handle it and it leads to a good result, that’s considerable success.

  • Be determined

You should never let go of what you want because of what is happening right now. Face it!



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