Human Trafficking is a sexual slavery wherein women, men and even children from different places on earth are being kidnapped and traded. There are estimated between 30 t0 40 million victims and 40 thousand from it die each year because of torture, disease, abuse etc. This is happening under the table but now, people are aware about it. Don’t wait until one of the members in your family experienced it. Thousands of women are sex trafficked during major events. We need to end it. Be aware and make an act.

80% of the human trafficking involves sexual exploitation. The remaining 20% is generally for labour exploitation. In addition, organ harvesting is also happening since it’s a growing industry. Many criminal organizations are attracted with this transaction since human can be sold repeatedly. Human trafficker can earn 20 times for what he paid for the victim because aside from he can repeatedly sell it, he can earn greater price if he sells the victim again since the victim has broken spirit already.

According to research they use children trafficking to act as suicide bombers as early as the age of seven. Children can be trained easily and been brain-washed. This is a total human manipulation. There are a lot things you will know about human trafficking if you let yourself know it.

Report or give a tip to National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 1-888-373-7888 (24/7) or visit this link .


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