This real-estate story from Paris is really quite surprising as cack in 2010, a Parisian apartment near Opéra Garnier was discovered to have left unoccupied since 1942.


A socialite and actress- Madame de Florian owned this apartment and had fled to the South of France during second world war. However, even though she never came back to Paris but regularly paid her rent until her last breath she took at 91. After her death, a Commissaire Priseur – Auctioneer re-entered her apartment in 70 years for the first time.


Olivier Choppin-Janvry who had made the discovery said that “There was a smell of old dust”. Choppin walked through beneath the high wooden ceilings, passed through an old stove and stone sink in the kitchen and even found Mickey Mouse toy and a stuffed ostrich dating from before the war. There were many taxidermy pieces that were found throughout Florian’s apartment as it was very common and usual to have taxidermy in those days for home décor.


The images discovered at this untouched place were found to be truly amazing as such magnificent piece of artwork could rarely be seen.


There was even a painting of Madam de Florian by Giovanni Boldini. Searching any records for the painting, the discoverers found out a card containing a scribbled love note from Boldidni, which showed that the painting was sold to a record €2.1 million for the artist.


It’s unfortunate to know that this home is not available for public display and is now owned by her estate.

visitez-un-tresor-parisien-fige-dans-le-temps-depuis-1942-31 visitez-un-tresor-parisien-fige-dans-le-temps-depuis-1942-2

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