Every one of us wants to be happy. Here are tips for you to follow to be a happier individual.

1. Stop complaining
There is no day that passes without any things to complain about. May it be the weather, the bad service at a restaurant, the traffic, you name it! But do any of these complaints make things any better? Does it make you happier or does it only make you more depressed and stressed out? You control our mood, how you feel and those you can choose either complain or put things in a positive light.

2. Accept your mistakes
Don’t think that you need to be always right. This only brings stress to our system. Yes, you struggle to not commit any mistakes in order to avoid further complications but if you try hard to avoid this, you end up messing things up especially with your relationships with your dear ones.

3. Release your insecurities
Self defeating thoughts and ideas hinder you to move forward. Such ideas are only imaginary and unreal thus you have the power to overcome them.

4. Release your fears
Fear stops you from trying. If you just let go of our fears, the possibilities are endless! If you achieve those possibilities, happiness ensues.

5. Don’t be too sentimental
Let go of attachment for this will result to fear.

6. Refrain from criticism
If you always find the bad side of things, negativity seeps within our system. Accept the fact that we are all unique in our own way. How can you be happy if you won’t allow others to be happy as well?

7. Refrain from blaming
Learn to accept apology and you will find inner peace.

8. Stop trying to impress others
If you worry about what others would think of how you look or act, you will never find happiness. Just be yourself and live your life to the fullest!

9. Don’t be a control freak
Don’t allow little things to worry you. There are just some things that are beyond your control.

10. Let go of the past
How can you live the present if part of you is still in the past? You should learn to move on and enjoy the precious gift of having to live a new day.

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