TLC reality show
Bill and Jen during their wedding.

A couple who suffer from stunted growth due to dwarfism syndrome stars in TLC Reality Show or The Little Couple.

Dr. Jennifer Arnold, 3’9’’ tall and her husband, Bill Klein, 4’0’’ tall, continue to amaze their viewers as they hurdle obstacles after obstacles and keep their marriage happy and strong despite their short stature and small size.

Accrding to this TLC Reality Show couple, they officially met through an online dating site for little people. Jennifer was taking medicine that time and was specializing in neonatology but despite her hectic schedule, she agreed when Bill told her that he wanted to meet her personally. When they met, they found out that they enjoyed each other’s company and that was it. They got married in 2009 and have been together for 5 blissful years.

Prior to their meeting as adults, they met when they were still 10 years old in a hospital were both of them were undergoing several surgeries and therapies to correct their conditions. Later, both got interested in medicine and they always talked with their surgeon. However, they visit the doctor on different days and so they were not able to meet.

The two were featured in 2009 in the TLC Reality Show, which still runs until today. The episodes document their daily life as a newly married couple until they adopted a Chinese son and recently, a baby girl from India. Both children also suffer from dwarfism.

TLC reality show couple with son
Bill and Jen with son

The couple’s love was tested when Jennifer was found out to have a rare kind of cancer, which inflicts people with growth problem like her. They remained strong throughout her hospitalization and treatment. Jen is now in remission and the couple and their two children are again back to TLC.

TLC reality show stars with daughter zoey

Jen and Bill and their kids serve as inspiration to all the little people in the world who are suffering from dwarfism syndrome.

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