1108-tom-cruise-getty-3We all know that Tom Cruise is an actor of fighting. Many of his films we have seen him fighting in not a straight place or environment. Sometimes in hill, sometimes in the sea, sometimes in the forest, sometimes in ice cold, and so on. Rather the owner of the character Tom Cruise has also a self-experience of having fighting in different places. People always eager to know his  own experience of fighting.  Cruise’s attorney, Bert Fields told the idea that Tom associates his acting to fighting a war is a distortion. He pointed to a section in the deposition and that is not the part of the testimony that was publicly released. For this Tom is asked that if he believed the situations of the fighting in the battle for a movie and fighting hard in Afghanistan are the same.


Tom replied with surprise and quote oh come on. He also told that fields told that clearly means and that are of course not. Lawyer told Tom Cruise that his advice has openly associated his absence from Suri for these long periods of time as being similar to someone fighting in Afghanistan. Tom Cruise was asked if he was aware of that. Tom Cruise replied that he had not heard the Afghanistan, but that was what it felt like, and certainly on this last movie, it was cruel.  It was cruel. Tom Cruise has a strong belief of himself and he thought that he trained harder than Olympic contestants. According to legal docs gotten by TMZ, Tom Cruise has a belief that his job as a proficient actor is as demanding as fighting the war in Afghanistan. Tom told that the skills he’s got up along the way, have provided shortcuts in his relationship with Suri. He shared his bright stories with Suri.

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