DanesExecution How would you feel if you are to be sentenced to death and while sitting there as they inject the lethal drugs to your system, it takes roughly around 25 minutes for it to effect!  Can you just imagine the torture and pain that you have endure for the entire 25 minutes and add the fact that you know you are just about to meet death?  Isn’t the anticipation of death just enough that you have to succumb to suffering before the inevitable may happen? d670712a689a3102490f6a706700945f That was just exactly how the death row inmate Dennis McGuire just experienced.  The convicted Ohioan felon seemed to be gasping for air and struggled to catch his breath as the execution was carried out.  It was said that the combination of drugs administered to him was never before used in the U.S. yet and thus it took him an unusually longer time to die as compared to the state’s old method of execution that didn’t cause the said degree of suffering at all.   McGuire’s family was enraged by the decision of the state of Ohio to utilize the untested new drugs for execution composed of the sedative midazolam and the painkiller hydromorphone which are to be intravenously administered.  The method was adopted after the manufacturer of the previous drug declared it off limits for capital punishment.  Allen Bohnert, the family’s attorney said that the disturbing, experimental and agonizing execution violated McGuire’s constitutional rights. The lawyer tried to block the execution but to no avail.  At this moment, the family plans to sue the state for they felt it was unjust and cruel. article-2540588-1A8DCBB200000578-834_634x878 McGuire was sentenced to death by lethal injection for the rape and murder of Joy Stewart, a newlywed who was 8 months pregnant when she met Mcguire on 1989.  Stewart’s family have forgiven McGuire; however, they said that Mcguire still have to pay for his crime.

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