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One tourist woman was distracted by a Facebook feed while walking along side the St. Kilda Pier situated in Melbourne, Australia resulting to her downfall unto the chilly waters.

The tourist has to be rescued by the police after she accidentally plunged off unto the pier in Melbourne, Sydney, Australia.  According to the reports, the woman was walking along the bay of St. Kilda Pier one Monday night when she got distracted by the news feed of her Facebook when she nose-dived unto the chilly waters.

Luckily a passerby was able to witness the incident and immediately called for help.  The Victoria state police were able to rush to the scene to aid the woman in distress.  When they reached the area, they found the woman struggling around the in the water and flailing her arms.  It was indeed a scare of her life to be submerged in the extremely chilly water with the distance of 65 feet from the pier.

Senior Constable Dean Kelly from the Victoria state police shared to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that by the time they arrived, the woman was still out in the water and lying on her back in a floating position.  The woman later admitted to the authorities that she could not swim.  Senior Constable Kelly added that she still held her mobile phone in her hand and apologized profusely to the people that were bothered by the incident.

The woman was immediately sent to the hospital for further treatment and was taken care thoroughly.  According to the officials, the woman was a foreigner but they declined to reveal from which country she came from.

Senior Constable Kelly reminded the viewers that one should always pay close attention when using Facebook, or generally speaking , any other social media, when near the waters most especially if you do not know how to swim.



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