Ben Nunery has recreated the past with his 3-year old daughter Olivia, in order to honor his wife “Ali” memories. She passed away in 2011 due to lung cancer. After two years of her death, Nunery decided to shift out from the Cincinnati house in which Ben and Ali had lived together. But before moving away from that house, Ben planned to bring back some old memories of him and his wife to life.


The house which was bought by the couple day before their marriage provided them with beautiful wedding photography spot. Ben re-took these pictures with Olivia to recapture the moments which he and Ali shared together on their wedding day.


Professional photographer and Ben Nunery’s sister-in-law, Melanie Tracy Pace; re-established the old Ben and Ali pictures by beautifully placing Olivia and Ben together on same spots and poses as Ben and Ali did together.  As house was again empty as it was on the day of their photo shot, it gave them a perfect space to re-invent those memories again.


Ben Nunery shared his thoughts by saying that the photo shot bought up again the memories of him and Ali being together for the first time in that house. He also said that it helped him to remember the memories he cherish. He felt the presence of Ali and felt nearness with both (Ali and Olivia) by this photography.


The presence of Ali was felt by Pace as well, she felt as Ali was helping her in this heart moving photography. Later pace posted the photos on her blog, “photography blog Loft3” and it magnetized everyone and touched their hearts. The story which was told by the photos made it a beauty on its own.


Nunery told, “I hope that people can see it as evidence of a love that Ali and I shared that is still very deep, (and) that love carries on, and it doesn’t die. People who don’t know us personally but may have experience with losing a loved one can see that as an example of healing and life moving on.”




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