Trousers with embed Drum Kit will turn your life to FUN

source dailymail
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Invention is becoming updated and updated. Such updated which man can never think but now it is being invented. With the revaluation of  time people have invented such kind of technological instrument that will turn a human leg in to an musical instrument. What a surprise! It not only work with your legs but also every part of your body to turn the particular parts of the body in to a musical instrument. When you move that body then it will make sound without any drum of other heavy musical instrument. Drum Pants let wearers production music wherever by wearable devices that alter a pair of jeans into a drum kit or a shirt into a guitar. It is like a stick but not hard. It is flexible and portable.

source daily mail
source kickstarter

There is a control box with it by which user can control the stick and change the music volume and able to change the music instrument. In this stick there are more than 100 varieties of sounds including, piano, gaiter, drum, flute, etc. DrumPants entitlement to let holders untrained music everyplace using wearable sensors that can alter a pair of jeans into a drum kit or a shirt into a guitar. The most important facility of the stick is that people can add their own music with it and can play the verity. DrumPants holder have the choice of attending to their musical endeavors using earpieces or if they are more of a player, they can transmission their sounds using an exterior speaker that can be trimmed onto their clothes. Now music is no problem because the pants are the music. It is an entertaining elements of human being. Just buy the stick and add it with your pants and turn your pants in to a musical instrument. The kit is selling at $89.


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