Two deer were stranded in the middle of a frozen Albert Lea Lake in Minnesota and when the father and son saw their dangerous situation, they managed to bravely save them from further harm.

A local resident named James saw a picture posted on Facebook showing two deer that were stranded helplessly over a lake that turned completely to ice due to the freezing temperature of their small town. The vulnerable deer were not able to stand on their own and go since the surface was too slippery. Their attempts to proceed to safer and dry grounds were all in vain. What alarmed James was that the photo was posted for over three days already and therefore it meant that the deer were in that particular situation for quite a long time already. He felt pity for the deer and most likely the helpless poor things are tired already out there for a couple of days.

When James saw the helpless deer’s case, he immediately took matters into his own hands and tagged his dad along. The father and son tandem let out their hovercraft for them to use and ride as they head to the frozen lake.

In order for them to save the deer, they attempted to grab the deer’s feet with the aid of a rope. The deer was a bit apprehensive at first as they started to tie its feet but when it somehow realized that they were just there to help, it just surrendered and gave in. They tied the end of the rope to their hovercraft and ingeniously allowed the deer to slide as they moved forward.

It was a deeply touching footage especially with the background music that played along! The father and son saved the day as the deer went back to the forest in great relief.

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