The video where two teachers rap the school’s weather announcement is just so dope!  In fact this video has gone viral because of its witty and novel way of delivering the announcement to the students that their school is closed for that day.  Check the video below so that you will not be left behind!

Two teachers from a prestigious private school in a suburban town in North Carolina came up with an ingenious idea of announcing the school’s closure brought about by the winter storm.  These cool teachers from Durham Academy, and are full of swag as they rap the announcement to the tune of Vanilla Ice’s song “Ice, Ice, Baby.”

Durham’s academy’s head of school, Michael Ulku-Steiner along with the upper school director, Lee Hark, seemed hot in a goofy as the announced the cold weather announcement.  These duos look so hilarious and wacky as they posted the video with their formal, buttoned down attire and sleek ties as they break into a rap with one wearing ski googles and another putting on his U.S. Olympic  team sweater.  Dancing along to their own version of the song complete with hand gestures and dope facial expression, the two teachers looks so refreshingly dorky in a good way!

The video earned more or less 200,000 views in short span of time.  It has already been posted and reposted over and over again in the whole internet world.  It was even actually featured in a morning show which was aired on national TV earning them a wider audience.  It is just so amazing how the new video spreads like wildfire!  The new youtube sensation was garnered a broad fanbase especially from the students and alumni of their school.  As a matter of fact, the original singer, rapper Vanilla Ice tweeted a link to the video!


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