A two year old sweetheart and cutie turned on his wild killer moves as he gleefully swayed his hips to the groovy jive music in front of a huge crowd.  Calling Oprah Winfrey, calling Ellen DeGeneres or any talk show hosts and talent scouts out there, you better cast this kid in your shows because I got to tell, he got some mad talent and charisma at a very young age.

If you wonder who this adorable little boy is or just want his information may it for research purposes or casting consideration, well this young wonder’s name is William Stokkebroe.  His parents, Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe are owners of a well known dance studio in Denmark called Studie43.  After watching his parents and some of the dancers of studie43 rehearsing some dance steps, little did they know that on the sidelines, little William was able to pick up some of the groovy moves.  Everyone was surprised when little William confidently went in front of the audience during a Gala opening ceremony once the Jive music was turned on.  Little William swayed his hips and displayed his funky moves as all eyes were on him.  It was as if a mini Elvis Presley came to life as lovable William Stokkebroe danced to the Jailhouse Rock music!

He is indeed adorable and the best part is, little William having so much fun and loving all the attention and clamor!  He is for sure a natural star in the making.  Watch out Justine Bieber and One Direction!  William Stokkebroe is up to set the world on fire with his dance performance.


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