Beauty has become a concern for every woman in this world. Everyone is concerned for looks, appearance and image. However, the problem begins when they start doing things that are not at all good for their health. They undergo surgeries and use many cosmetic possible just to look good.

Modern world and media has a crucial role to play in all these. However, the advertisements have the biggest contribution in this situation. The beauty products that many companies launch do not only attract people but also convince them to use the product. But in the whole cycle of profit and business they harm the skin, and the health of women. The situation has turned so bad that now it has awakened the product makers on the issue. They have finally realized that the issue needs to be addressed. The following advertisement is of the leading beauty product that does not only sell and promote the product but also is a very reputed and famous company.

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The biggest message and the achievement of the advertisement are not only to address the concern but also to aware people. They want make people understand that the individual needs to be careful before choosing anything. The glamorous ads can attract anyone, but you need to be logical and also aware about anything you do. The nicest message comes in the video in the end. The ad says, ‘Talk to your daughter, before beauty industry does.’ The company has launched a self esteem programme to aware, educate and also promote healthy practices.

The motive of the ad is to make people understand that beauty is an eternal thing and neither comes though surgery nor through luring products. It is the time to understand, and take the responsibility to aware the next generation about the consequences of the practices.

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