Diseases like measles and whopping cough are generally the matter of childhood and in most cases as you grow you tend to forget them or see them ever happening to you again. But this is not the true case in all parts of the world including some parts of U.S. the Council of Foreign Relation illustrates this though an interactive map, which represent that various diseases which are very easily prevented with vaccine have re-appeared in past few years.












Since past six years, people at think tank CFR have been studying few cases of mumps, polio, rubella, measles and whopping cough at different parts across the globe. Each colored circle represents the local outbreak of any particular disease and the size of the circle represents the infected people. While closely observing the map it is apparent that measles have hit back in Europe while whopping cough has entered U.S again.

Childhood immunization rates plummeted in parts of Europe and the U.K. after a 1998 study falsely claimed that the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella was linked to autism.

Childhood immunization rates drastically dropped in 1998 in U.S and Europe after a falsified study claimed that vaccine for mumps, rubella and measles was linked to autism. This has led to immunization gaps and viruses and bacteria has taken full advantage of it.

Recent survey shows that in 201, France had registered a whopping 15,000 measles cases and oher few countries in the list included Indonesia, Nigeria, India, Somalia and Democratic Republic of Congo. Whereas in 2012, U.K. registered some 2000 cases largest since 1994.

However, in U.S the condition had worsened with nearly 50,000 cases registered for whopping cough.

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