In past few years, the number of people having a licence to buy gun has increased manifold times in America. Moreover, several incidents have been registered regarding open firing carried out at school and college campus. Many mentally ill gunmen have created huge chaos and ruckus in different parts of the country and people and victims have become fed up and tired of this menace. Here is one such case of Next Week’s School shooting that took place last year.


Following such incidents, last year a proposal was kept to the Congress Senate members in order to stringent their laws in granting licences to buy guns. This was just in order to ensure better safety of the countrymen so that innocent people don’t become victim of this untoward ruthless firing. However, the Senate members had rejected this proposal which had led Next Week’s School students furious.

Following this, the students of Next Week School had sarcastically thanked the Senate members in failing to pass the proposal. Jacob Miller a 14-year-old boy in a reply to the Senate members said “Great job, guys. My classmates and I are really proud of you for cowering to the NRA and caring more about politics than my friends and I getting shot and killed. It totally makes sense. You’re the best.” Jacobs further said that his parents have thanked too to the Senate members for their careless failure.

Looking at the increasing amount of such events, it could be said that we wish some strict laws are brought in place as soon as possible so that the innocent people are not victims of it! Licences of buying guns should be given only after some policies are met.

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