Computers are now learning to walk like humans. A group of scientists have created a system that can make computers move like humans or any other two-legged creature at a speed and strength that can be fatal. This has causedexcitement among those who know how useful these machines can be considering that they can be manipulated to do things impossible for humans to do.
computer learn how to walk

A new control system can now teach computers to walk based on 3D muscle actuation in which muscle routing is optimized. Using this system, the computer can walk, run, climb inclines, jump, change direction, and withstand impact from being hit with hard and heavy objects.

Several generations of these locomotive bipedal creatures were modified until an almost perfect model was created. This flexible Muscle-Based Locomotion for Bipedal Creatures can walk farther, move faster, withstand greater impact, climb steeper inclines, and change directions more easily compared to the old models.

The control system can also change the walking computer’s dimension and model. These computers can appear like a tall, slim and physically fit human, a robust and stout one, and take the form of two-legged animals. With its increased speed, this computer can be as fast as a car.

Aside from these features, this computer can use altered gravity and perform a moonwalk or a walk in Jupiter even if it is one Earth.

While this technology will have useful applications in many fields, there is also a sense of foreboding for its other ramifications. This machine can be dangerous when it becomes out of control. It can easily move at top speed and destroy or kill anything on its path unless redirected. For instance, it can move at maximum speed and run over or hit a person and kill him instantly or crash on a glass door or window and cause damage instantly.

A video clip showing the things these computers can do gives this warning: “This is why the machine will kill us.”

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