An old but obstinately humorous yarn cabinets the conflicting attitudes of private and public enterprise. One customer purchases a gift a few days earlier Christmas in an overcrowded downtown store. He remarked to the clerk that it was a madhouse in here. The Clark told that it was their best day of the year. The customer gaits across the street into the post office and finds a likewise disordered scene. This time he observed to the clerk that line is a mile long. He told that it was their bad day of the year. Anyone who’s ever been spending (or employed retail) on Black Friday distinguishes the stress and worry that comes with the opening store hours.


Since this is America, many of us know the drill: continuing awake long sufficient into the middle of the night after Blessing dinner, standing in line with hundreds of people in the cold. And irritating to find that one item you have your heart set on when the doors open. Even however it’s all in the name of gift-giving, to come for supplies to open on Black Friday is not amusing and games. Before the Christmas day people usually go to the Wal-Mart in order to make shoping. But every year there have been a problem of crowd and so others. People and the shoppers can not boy their necessary according to them. The have to suffer much. For this reason the wall-mart had decided to take some necessary extra steps to prevents these problem. Like they want to open the shop for very earlier and such like that. The wanted to enforce more security in order to secure the shopper and the customers. But the people has a strong belief that that the Friday will be as usual as they were seing it before. And that is true that the wal-mart’s black Friday is going about as you expected.

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