Watch a short video clip posted below about war in Afghanistan as told distinctively in the eyes of an Australian soldier. A haunting first-person short documentation of participating in the Afghanistan war as part of the Australian Army was filmed by Director Tom Abood. It was part of the finalist in the Troopfest Australian film competition.

The intense clip is titled Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense has acquired a total views of around 500 thousand in Youtube. It somehow gained a lot of sympathy from viewers since most of us tend to take everything even the simple things for granted.

One commenter brought the issue of war into light and indeed I agree to his statement. He said that fighting is intellectual and war comes from social structure. He added that war used to be for honor but now it is only used to help selfish big companies earn more money only for their own gain. I believe that is what is currently happening in the wars In the Middle East.

Many innocent lives have been put to waste as people are forced to fight each other just to gain total control over an area rich in oil.
The Australian soldier depicted in the video clip is against the war, I can see that. He hated the feeling knowing he somehow contributed to the hardship of the people in the war struck land. One commenter said that he is not serving and protecting anyone but instead he is threatening the people living in the country, but I believe that he had a purpose of being there no matter what. It was a fact that the Taliban was causing havoc to the citizens and his presence somehow pacified the situation.

The Australian soldier just can’t wait to go home and go back to living a normal life as he said in the clip that in the end, we are all lucky.

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