Youth time is great because you can do almost anything. There are 37 things that are regretted in the old age, try them before it’s too late.

1. Playing with your kids

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Time runs fast. Enjoy with your kids when they want you to be with them, not at the age when they want you out of their rooms.

2. Ask everything from your grandparents when you have the chance

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Grandparents are indeed the greatest relative we can have. They have spent much of their lives. Ask them about your origin and family before they die.

3. Learn another Language

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You will become very unhappy in your older age when you will realize that you have three years to learn a language and now you remember nothing.

 4. Not appreciating your looks

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We are most beautiful in our youth. Don’t spend this time in complaining about the looks.

5. Care for your skin when you can


Don’t go in the sun without sunscreen. Your care today can protect you from wrinkles, moles and skin cancer of the older age.

6. Do what you want!


Don’t let your customs and traditions to destroy what you want to do.

7. Enjoy the moment

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Young souls are hasty and always on the run. Stop to appreciate what you have on this very moment.

8.  Support other people dreams but don’t give up on yours

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It is really nice to help others but it is also essential to help yourself first. Don’t neglect your own requirements in fulfilling others wishes.

9. Don’t be too much afraid in trying

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When you become afraid of things today, you will think tomorrow what was frightening you. Take your chances.

10. Missing a chance to see your favorite musicians


You won’t be lucky always. If you get the opportunity to see your favorite musicians, avail it very instant, don’t wait for the next time they will come in your city.

11. Spending your peak in the couch, not in gym! Think again?

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We spend our healthiest age in lying here and there, in our 60s we realize what we have done to our bodies.

12. Continuing a terrible job

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Everyone has to pay the bills and earn their living, but it is insane to continue a job that is making your life hell. Think today for better tomorrow.

13. Not spending enough time with your loved ones

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The time we spend with our family is very little, take out time from your busy schedule and surround yourself with the people who love you.

14. Go on vacations when you can

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When you start a family, you take good amount of responsibilities on your shoulder. Old age is not good for traveling when you see things financially as well as physically.

15. Don’t hold any grudge


Learn to let go and see how good your life become.

 16. Pay more attention in school

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Paying more attention towards your grades will not only lead you to better place in the future, but it is also a good way to spend your youth.

 17. Parents are not your enemy

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Parents are your well-wisher and you believe it or not, most of the things they say to you are 100% true. Listen to their advices to improve your life.

18. Afraid to show  how you feel?


In the old age, it doesn’t matter if you get your love or not, only thing that you will think about is if you would have said how you felt.

19. Show your talent

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If you are afraid to go on stage and perform your talent, you will regret it in your old age. Do it when you can.

20. Don’t be so self-absorbed


You will be embarrassed for your selfishness in the later age.

21. Be consistent in achieving


Try to finish what you have started, in business, academics and in every aspect of life.

22. Take care of your teeth

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Once permanent teeth appeared, they last till death. Take care of them from the beginning because once they are damaged, you can’t have them back.

23. Don’t think what others will think

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Live your life and stop concentrating on what others will think on your act.

24. Let it go sooner


When you get old, you will think you have wasted too much time in crying over a single thing.

25. Be bold and stand for yourself

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Don’t be afraid and take a stand for your right. Old people learn it after spending decades.

26. Choose your relations wisely


Choose wisely and if you are unhappy then there is no need to continue a relation.

27. Not Volunteering

You may not get a chance to volunteer as in Hunger Games, but many times in life you get a chance to bring smile on others faces, do it and you will feel great about it in your older age.

28. Have one special dish

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Don’t be a master chef but learn one dish to make all the celebrations special.

29. Make forever friends

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As we grow up, things will change. We can continue friendship under these circumstances also but we prefer to let go. Don’t do that.

30. Take Risks


No matter what will be the consequences, take risk once. You will be glad that you have done it.

31. Willing to do what you like? Just do it!


Don’t set your limitation because of the rules set by the society for particular gender. You think you can do it, try it, so you don’t have to regret it at the end.

32. Enjoy also with work


Yes! you want to earn, but it is necessary to have some fun also.

33. Haven’t master a single trick?

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You have the chance to enjoy thousands of parties in your life. Won’t it be great if you are the one who brings life to parties.

34. Try to be grateful in early ages


If you learn the art to be happy and grateful, you will enjoy your life in a much better way. You are even lucky to be alive.

35. Avoid unnecessary drama

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Be cool by staying away from the fights.

36. Don’t worry too much


Be relax because you cannot stop what is about to come. Enjoy your present.

37. Social Networking is important

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Don’t take it as a crap. You won’t know who can be helpful when its time.

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