Babies are source of happiness, hope, excitement and new point of view about life for most of the parents.Having a baby is one of the most important moments and intentions of people.But that is not all. Baby comes to world with a package of responsibilities, changes, problems in his or her hand.Especially for young couples it means changing your life style and forgetting about plenty of things you did before.

Full night sleep, silence, travelling freely, making plan for night however you want…If these are too far away from you, maybe just a dream, then you are already a parent.That is why especially young couples have to be ready to significant changes in their life when they decide to have a baby. This reality attracted the attention of director Pucho Mentasti who produced plenty of successful commercials. The point of his new coke commercial aired in Argentina is early parenthood.Mentasti shows many different feelings as happiness, disppointment, anger, exciment that comes with baby, in one minute commercial.

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