Watch this footage of a little Asian girl under the rain for the very first time!

A two-minute video showing a little and excited Asian girl under the rain as she felt the rain fell on her face for the first time displays how simple and little things in life like enjoying the drops of rain can make anyone feel better.

The video shows the insanely adorable and super cute reaction of 15 month old little Asian girl named Kaydent Byon as droplets of rain fell on her amused face for the first time. Kayden can’t seem to get enough of the rain as she laughed, squealed and ran around as drops of rain landed on her. She even went back at one point of the footage to the rain even though someone persuaded and brought her back inside the house.

On one rainy day in California, Nicole Byon took the opportunity to capture the moment wherein little Kayden experienced the rain for the very first time. Imagine yourself in a situation and place where it has not rain for quite a time and you wish and pray for the rain to pour. How would you feel if the heavens give in to your wish? That is perhaps how Kayden felt at that time. There could not be a better example of sheer excitement and appreciation of the wonders of the world.

Viewers just can’t stop smiling as they witness the little girl’s reaction change from confusion to joy and delight. Her innocence is the charm that attracts a lot of views, which, at the moments, amounts to 600,000 views if we add the separate but similar videos posted on Youtube and other sites. It went viral right away just after a few days that it was posted maybe because people just want to witness and be aware of the wonders of the world that we live in. Perhaps, people just want to pause from all the stress in life and remind themselves of what life should be all about.

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