The audience and fans of the High School football team from Wisconsin got a touching and heart-warming surprise when the long-time waterboy for the team, Noah VanVooren, was given a special opportunity to be the honorary team captain. He, his parents as well as the whole crowd in the stadium was indeed delighted by the news.

VanVooren has Down Syndrome but that did not hinder him from fulfilling his dreams. This 18 year old senior at Little Chute High School in Clintonville, Wisconsin, is not only the Mustangs football team waterboy but also their team manager who always kept them motivated and gave them encouraging talks after every game they played. They are so proud of the waterboy with Down Sydrome’s courage and drive to just live normally.

He escorted his team onto the pitch as the whole crowd cheered on him. After that he made a special request to his coach, Brian Ryczkowski if he could play in the third quarter of the match against the Clintonville Truckers for the first and last time of his high school years. Coach Ryczkowski made no second thoughts and gamely agreed to the young waterboy’s request however he was a bit apprehensive thinking that VanVooren might get nervous knowing it would be his first time. But because of the support and cheers from the people that surrounded him, it encouraged him to make the touchdown.

In the last second of the game, VanVooren wearing his number 14 shirt headed onto the field. His teammates was encouraging him and giving him high fives as they lined up on the field. As he was passed the ball, with both teams-Mustangs and Truckers- supporting his run, he sprinted the whole 35 yards and made his winning and first touchdown as the crowd went wild.

After the touchdown, VanVooren, who was just the team’s waterboy but now the star of the night, was swarmed by his friends. Along with his teammates and Coach Ryczkowski, they proudly sang the school song.

This inspiring event in VanVooren life serves as his touchdown for he did not only fulfill his dream but he was also able to touch the hearts of the people all over the world!

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