Burger an interesting food item is liked by all. People of all classes like burger most. Someone goes to the restaurant for having their desired meal such like burger. Many people like to cook it at home. Along with it there are also some hawker who sell burger in the street or make home delivery. As like this someone has only a shop for selling burger. Wendy’s employee Amy Seiber also sold burger. But her burger was special for marijuana. She makes people addicted to her burger with the drug. She was very special for selling. She knows very well the selling strategy and has been selling burger with marijuana for a long time. It is a curse we know. Being a lady she had escaped many times. But there were some people who are addicted like her burger very much.

They bought burger from her only for addiction nothing else. But most of us dislike it.  In response to the Lovejoy Police Section, the lady was thirty two year old in her age. Amy Seiber was finished in the time of her shift on 1st November. It was happened by a client. She called 911 and complained that she had found a half-smoked blunt in her cheeseburger. The client met with the police at the Wendy’s location. The client ordered there. After that police arrested her. Amy Seiber told the truth to the police that she sold burger with drug. The blunt was occupied as indication and Amy Seiber was arrested for possession of marijuana. She was also punctually fired. The customer who helped the police to catch the lady is really a good person. If she was not caught many of us had been affected by her. There are also some sector in the so called business that is not really good for health.

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